Robot looking confused about UKCA marking and CE marking

UKCA & CE Marking

Anna Comment

Brexit continues to be a source not only of contention but also much confusion.  If you’re still muddled about dates, puzzled over the fine detail of trade agreements, or utterly baffled by a UK product marking that isn’t actually valid throughout the whole of the UK, you’re not alone!

Pre-Brexit, most of our clients were used to selling their products in the EU market and so are familiar with the concept of CE marking and its associated requirements.  Brexit obviously changes all that, but not as dramatically as you might think.  There are still important obligations and timescales to understand though, so if you haven’t quite got your head around it all, we’ve prepared a handy guide to the new UKCA marking, UKNI marking and CE marking.  And if you’d like help developing your electronic product including support with regulatory standards, safety and EMC compliance, give us a call, we’d love to chat to you about it.

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