Electronics Prototyping

Our flexible service and pragmatic approach makes us the ideal partner for creating one-offs and bespoke demonstrator electronics.
Proof-of-concept models prove your technology, validate your ideas and engage your stakeholders.
Building working prototypes improves the understanding of your design - and can win you further funding and investment in your product.
Electronics technician hand soldering surface mount components onto a PCB assembly

Prototype Electronics

With no minimum order quantity or machinery setup overhead, hand-soldering is ideal for low volume, rapid turnaround custom PCBAs.

Our highly skilled technicians are experts at soldering even the tiniest surface mount electronic components.

This means your prototypes are production-representative, using the same design and components as those used in your final volume manufacture.

Our technicians and engineers work closely together, meaning we can quickly iterate through the cycle of designing, building, testing and modifying boards to really accelerate the development process.

We can also manufacture higher volumes of PCBs using our automated pick and place machine, so once your prototype is proven we can seamlessly transfer the design to full production methods.

Mechanical Workshop

When building prototype PCBs we often need to put together a few other 'bits and bobs' too, from basic enclosures with connector cut-outs to more complex assemblies that can help us test different aspects of a design.

Our own mechanical workshop equipped with tools including CNC machine and 3D printer, plus metalworking capabilities from an industrial partner on-site, allow us to rapidly put together the parts we need.

Engineer in workshop producing prototype parts using 3D printer

Electronic engineer with PCB, oscilloscope and function generator

Tried and Tested

Our prototyping service is about more than simply building PCB assemblies.

Our design engineers set to work, test, and evaluate your prototype for you too, reviewing aspects that work well and suggesting areas that might need improvement.

Flexible Service

Creating iterative engineering prototypes is a key part of our phased development process, but we're also happy to build PCB assemblies from your own design, or to wire up evaluation modules (EVMs) to help you create a minimum viable product (MVP).

We offer a flexible approach to our services, with either fixed price or day-rate options available, so give us a call today to discuss the best way to move your project forward.

CircuitWorx engineers discussing details of client's project