Low power object tracker PCB

Miniature Low-Power Object Tracker

Anna Design

The project We designed and built a Proof of Concept low power wearable device for tracking and reporting location via SMS / web application. The challenge Our client had a …

Close up of oscilloscope probe measuring signals on PCB during testing

Fault-finding investigation

Anna Consultation

The project Investigating and reverse engineering a design to determine the fault in a range of digital and analogue pump controllers. The challenge By the time they approached us, our …

Scientific instrument prototype PCB

Precision scientific instrument

carl Design

The project Working within a tight timescale, we designed and built a complicated control board with associated embedded firmware to interface to our client’s prototype scientific instrument for sensing molecule …

Prototype surgical instrument PCB

Surgical prototype

carl Design

The project We developed our client’s initial concept for a novel medical surgical device into a working prototype for demonstrating to investors to secure future funding. The challenge Our client’s …